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Water Leak Detection & Fix – Plumbdog On The Job

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Our Skilled Plumbdog Plumber Finds & Fixes a Water Leak
  • Water leaks waste water & money and potentially cause damage to surrounding areas
  • This water leak problem could have quite easily been avoided.

Water leaks waste so much water and money for home occupiers. There are various reasons why leaks occur from natural land movement to tree roots but on occasion leaking pipes are a result of work that has not been done properly to last.

The Video

Our experienced and skilled Richard from Plumbdog South Perth was called out to the job because of high water bills and the owners could hear water running around the house. Over the years, we have definitely become the experts in our field when it comes to water leak detection.

Pro Tip: Isolate the Hot Water Line

If you’ve been watching our videos, you’ll probably notice one of the first things to do is to isolate the hot waterline. Isolating the hot water line breaks it down for you to determine whether the problem exists on the hot water or cold water line. In this instance, it made it easy to determine that the water leak was on the hot water line. Even better, we get to use our specialised infrared equipment to help detect the leak.

How The Water Leak Could Have Been Avoided

As explained in the video, on a normal job it is important to keep the rubble away. We found rubble while digging up the sand surrounding the damaged pipe and to further add to the cause, the pipe was left directly exposed when being covered back up after a welding job. Why would you do that? If you’ve started a job, then don’t be lazy and finish it properly.

Fixing the Leaking Pipe Properly

Who would have known that plumbers would need to be skilled in digging, welding and all sorts of wonderful things? After welding the pipe properly, checking the welding and then testing that the problem has been fixed, rather than simply covering the hole back up leaving the pipe exposed, the pipe is properly wrapped up and then the hole is backfilled but with just the sand without the rubble which will stop the same problem from occurring again.

Benefit of Using Licensed Plumber

As you can see towards the end of the video, our licensed plumber has completed a leak loss report for the Water Corporation which confirms that the leak repair has been carried out by a licensed plumber. This allows the customer to send the report to the water corp to seek a deduction for lost water off their bill.

Not only does using a good licensed plumber mean getting the job done right, you could even get some money back.

Plumbdog Water Leak Detection Experts

We pride ourselves in top quality work with the ability to detect and fix water leak issues. Our vans are fully stocked with the latest equipment and our plumbers need to be highly qualified and skilled to be called a Plumbdog.

If you’re in Perth and surrounding areas and need someone local who specialises in leak detection, give us a whistle!

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