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Water Leak Detection – Leaking Shower – Failed Breech

  • Sometimes simply servicing leaking taps isn’t enough. 
  • There’s a lot that could cause water leaking through walls. It’s important to call in a professional to test and check to really understand what the problem is before applying solutions. 
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Are you excited to see what we have in store for you this time? Our top dog and local Perth plumber Darius will be checking and fixing a shower leak. Water leak detection is one of the specialist services we offer at Plumbdog.

Let’s Inspect

First thing he did was inspect other fittings and appliances just to make sure there’s no visible leak in the air conditioning unit or taps. Then he heads outside to do a meter test, and upon checking it doesn’t seem to be a substantial leak that may cause it to continuously run.

All The Gear and Every Idea

Inside, Darius removed the tapware in the shower so they won’t be in the way. He proceeds to check the shower area and it looks like it is dry on the outside. He suspects that the leak is inside the wall. Making sure that this isn’t trial by error, Darius uses our specialised infrared equipment for accuracy by doing pressure testing. He attaches a hose assembly on the shower that will help in heating up the pipes, once that happens the heat will also penetrate through the tiles. The infrared will show the problem area that needs to be fixed.

Solution, solution, solution

Seeing that the main fixture set mainly on the left side had already discoloured (copper turned to black), that only goes to show that it has been sitting in a damp and wet area. When that happens, it means that the leak has been there for quite some time. He showed that the leak is right in the centre of the wall breech. Our top dog recommends replacing the set to address the issue.

Whistle while we work

Approved by our client, Darius replaced the breech by welding it in and all the plumbing fixtures. There’s no need to come back for the repair because we make sure that we bring most of the pipefittings and fixtures, there won’t be any need for multiple visits. He tests the fixture and there is no more leak!

Next step is repairing the wall. He will cover the spindles to make sure that the threads remain clean as he puts the cement on the wall. He also puts the tapware back on and tests them one more time. Voila another leak sealed!

Trust the experts to have leaks fixed. There are instances where the water may be going through the wall on a certain area, but the main leak is somewhere else. That will be time consuming and may cost more for you in the end as you may end up re-grouting more than you have expected.
That’s why just give us a whistle and Plumbdog will ROC (Resolve in One Call) your leaks away!

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