Which Water Meter is Mine?

  • In a block of units water meters are not always in the order you would expect
  • This problem occurs more often that you would expect
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In today’s video, our Plumbdog Richard has a small dilemma. He’s working in a block of units and the four meters at the front of the properties have not been installed in any particular order. The obstacle that Richard is facing is a common problem with many properties with a similar dilemma.

The Video

Watch our Perth plumber Richard share how he identifies the correct water meter.

It just a few minutes, and he identifies which water meter stop tap belongs to the house we are working on. This is how he did it.

Before observing the water meters, Richard had already turned one of the taps on at the property. This allows a steady flow of water through the water meter making it quite easy to identify when the other properties are not consuming water.

Just to go that one step further, he selflessly marks the meter so that anyone else working on the property in the future knows which one belongs to No. 3.

If you’re having a hard time working out which one is your water meter then you can follow this this technique to eliminate those which are not yours and identify your correct water meter. If you still can’t identify your water meter then you can always give us a whistle and we can help sort out any of your plumbing problems.

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