Rooted? We Think Not! How the Experts at Plumbdog Clear Rooted Drains

  • Tree roots are one of the most common causes of Blocked Drains
  • There are times you can unblock a blocked drain yourself but when it comes to roots, often the right equipment and the right expertise is needed. 
  • Watch our Top Dog Darius at work and how having the right gear along with his expertise gets the job done
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Our valued client called us out recently after attempting to clear blocked drains himself. He actually had a fair go at it, however unfortunately most root infested drains require expertise and the right equipment in order to get them flowing again. Watch how Darius from Plumbdog in Perth is able to not only clear the drain but to also 100% clean the drain pipes in the process. Old fashioned drain clearing equipment that is carried by most plumbers are only able to clear a drain around 50%, meaning you’ll be calling them out again in no time. Rely on Plumbdog, we have all the gear and every idea when it comes to blocked drains Perth.

Making your Blocked Drains Great Again

If your drains are rooted and creating havoc on your drainage system, your local plumber like the team from Plumbdog provide the best solutions for blocked drain clearing and repairs. With their extensive knowledge and skilled expertise, they have all gear and every idea to clear the root infested drains and bring them back to the original cleaned condition.

The tree roots are one of the most common causes of blocked drains causing blockages which are not necessarily easy to detect or clear. Some properties have tree ingress in various locations. In the video you will see how Darius, one of our top dogs, has visited the site and has examined the rooted drain. With the help of a CCTV for inspection along with a high-pressure water jetter, he has cleared the roots inside the drain.

We all know that roots start to grow in the area where their moisture, hence they start to grow inside the drains and creating excessive damage to the property. Darius has many years of experience and makes clearing the roots look easy.

Inspecting the blocked drains

Darius found that there was another issue to consider. Due to the bad fitting, the pipe changes from the urban wear (clay pipes) to the PVC and it is not aligned properly. After further inspection and water jetting, he found more locations where the tree roots have penetrated inside the drains. This is a huge benefit of CCTV inspections. If the job was only half done properly and the drains appeared back to normal, you’d be calling a plumber back out in no time.

Water jetting the blocked drains

After inspecting the drain properly and knowing the causes, Darius fires up our locally made custom high powered water jetter inside the drain. The high pressure of the water cleans out the drain and unblocks the roots.

Having all the gear and every idea is why our obedient Plumbdogs have a long list of happy customers and why we are the maintenance plumbing experts that people turn to.

If you have a rooted drain and need to call in the maintenance plumbing specialists, give us a whistle!

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