Electric Hot Water Systems

Perth’s Most Affordable Supplier of Electric Hot Water Systems … Plumbdog

Electrical hot water systems come in two basic types – storage or instantaneous. The later is more common and often found in older buildings and homes across Perth, while the newer, instantaneous models are growing popularity due to their small size and efficiency.

Many people may recognize some of these brands:

  • Rinnai – Rinnai Australia have been supplying local families and businesses with dependable, high performance hot water units since 1971
  • Bosch – Bosch offer unmatched reliability and innovation at competitive prices
  • Dux – Dux have been leaders in quality and innovation for nearly a century
  • Rheem – Australian owned and operated, Rheem have been providing innovative hot water solutions for more than half a century.
  • Vulcan – Vulcan offer high quality, durability and performance at an affordable price, catering to a wide range of hot water needs

At Plumbdog, we supply, install and maintain all of these brands and others too. Our guys and gals are arguably some of the leading experts in the industry with many years’ experience in dealing with electric hot water systems.

Whether you…

  • Are building or buying a home
  • Work in an office in the CBD
  • Or operate from workshop in the suburbs

We can help you decide on the perfect electrical hot water system for your needs. We take into account the size of the property and the people who frequent it to provide the best solution at the best possible price. So, when its time for a new system or an upgrade, give us a call on 1300 036 626.