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Wilson Hot Water Systems

Do you have a Wilson Hot Water System?

Since 1930, Wilson Hot Water has been the top dog in the industry, providing reliable and efficient hot water systems for homes and businesses across Australia. With a reputation built on quality and innovation, Wilson products are designed to keep you in hot water (in the best way possible) for years to come.

So, why wait? Fetch yourself a Wilson hot water system today and enjoy endless hot water which will keep your tail wagging!

How We Work: Hot Water Repairs And Replacements

Here at Plumbdog Plumbing, we have a process that our customers appreciate and applies to all our work.

As soon as we receive your call or message, we arrange an onsite visit from your local Plumbdog Plumber to assess the work that needs doing and provide you with a fully transparent estimate that covers everything so that there are no hidden charges when you engage our services! If you are happy with the forecast, we will ask you to sign it off and commence work immediately.

For a Wilson repaired or replaced, book your time with the top dogs and we’ll get your tail wagging!


Why Wilson Hot Water Systems?

For Perth, Wilson Hot Water Systems are the perfect match for our unique climate and lifestyle. With a range of products designed to maximize efficiency, Wilson is the top choice for reliable hot water solutions. Plus, their commitment to Australian manufacturing ensures you’re supporting local industry with every purchase.

Wilson offers a range of domestic hot water solutions tailored to your needs:

Wilson Electric Storage Systems

These robust systems ensure you’ll always have a warm welcome when you need it. Perfect for households of all sizes, they offer consistent performance and energy efficiency.

Wilson Instantaneous Electric Heaters

Say goodbye to waiting for the water to heat up! These heaters provide hot water on demand, making them ideal for those who need a quick splash.

More About Wilson Hot Water Systems

Wilson Customised Hot Water commenced operations in Melbourne in 1930 manufacturing low pressure water heaters for the domestic market… a product we still manufacture 85 years later. Wilson is still Australian owned and operated, however the range of products Wilson now manufacture has grown significantly.

Wilson Customised Hot Water products are manufactured from either copper or stainless steel, consequently offering a product that is unmatched in quality. With support of in-house engineers and qualified trade persons, Wilson can be counted upon to provide a solution for almost any application. Wilson is an accredited pressure vessel manufacturer and can custom build vessels to client requirements.

Wilson Customised Hot Water History

During 1930, in a backyard of the Melbourne suburb of Coburg, an electrician named A.J. Wilson began manufacturing constant pressure domestic water heaters.

As the business continued to expand, the need for more space caused the moves to Hawthorn, Surrey Hills, Mitcham, Ringwood, Bayswater and then to our current address, Croydon South.

With 85 years’ experience, Wilson now manufactures a range of various capacity open vented water heaters to suit all type of water conditions incorporating the heavy welded copper cylinder (also available in stainless steel) encased in either a colorbond or stainless steel finish outer casing.

Mains Pressure Stainless Steel cylinders are also available as an option with the Wilson range of water heaters. The latest development in this area is the MPISV large capacity mains pressure (700 KPA) insulated storage or pre-heat range of cylinders manufactured from high grade Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel. Wilson also manufacture a range of HVAC product including chilled water buffer tanks, steam water feed tanks, dosing pots etc.

Boiling Water Units are also part of the Wilson range and are suited to all applications where there is a need for boiling water for a quick cup of tea or coffee. The ‘Wilson Electronic Cuppa’ model of Boiling Water Units is available in 14 models from 2.5 Litre/15 cups to the commercial size unit of 60 Litre/360 cup capacity models.

Wilson Hot Water System Prices

At Plumbdog, we don’t just simply sell a hot water system. Our hot water specialist will attend your property first to assess the situation. After we have properly sniffed out what work actually needs to be done, we will provide you with a proper cost estimate which considers the best WIlson hot water system for your requirements as well as a hot water system price that includes all of the materials and labour to get a proper installation completed with a quality workmanship that will last. 

At Plumbdog, we supply an extensive range of hot water systems in Perth, so rest assured the perfect hot water system is just a whistle away!

A Popular pick from the Wilson range is the Wilson Super X (Electric Continuous Flow).

Wilson Super X:

The Wilson Super X is a mains pressure three phase electric instantaneous hot water heater. The Wilson Super X has no storage and is energy efficient as it only heats water as required and will continually heat as water passes over the elements. The unit does not require a safetray or water saving devices.The Wilson Super X can be installed virtually anywhere and will supply enough hot water for small domestic dwellings, shops or factory amenities.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Standard Replacement
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • 18amp 3 Phase
  • 2-year Domestic and Commercial Warranty*
  • Quiet Operation
  • Watermark Approved
  • Australian Made


Wilson Hot Water Systems We Work With

If your Wilson isn’t listed below, give us a whistle. Our Plumbdogs are genuine maintenance plumbers specialising in hot water system maintenance, so whether you have gas, electric or solar, we’ll get your tail wagging again. 

Wilson Super X
Electric Continuous Flow

Wilson FAQs

Wilson have an excellent range of hot water heaters with various options available. Which Wilson system is best for you will depend on the size and usage of your property so it is best to have your local Plumbdog Plumber near you visit your property to inspect which will allow recommendations to be given by a licensed plumber who is a hot water plumbing specialist to give you your best options. 

At Plumbdog, we recommend servicing hot water systems in general every 2 years to get the best out of your hot water unit. 

It’s easy if you are a qualified plumber that is experienced with Wilson hot water units. At Plumbdog we have worked with Wilson since we were pups and while we are licensed and qualified plumbers, we are also licensed gas fitters to which means we also issue the Certificate of Compliance when the job is done which is a requirement when gas works are completed.


At Plumbdog, we supply and install hot water systems. We do not offer supply only. As genuine maintenance plumbers, we would much rather fix a hot water unit than simply throw it away. 

The way we work at Plumbdog is a little different to others. We don’t bury call out fees, service fees or booking fees in our pricing estimates. We simply charge you the price of the job.

When you work with Plumbdog, our hot water system plumbing specialist will visit your property to understand what is really required to get the job done and get the job done right while being able to accurately assess and answer your questions. 

He will present the estimate to you and if you are happy to proceed, your plumber will have you sign the estimate and he can usually get started on your job straight away.

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