Hot Water System Minor Service (Rheem Stellar 330)

  • While numerous households leave their hot water heater until there is a problem, some have learned about the importance of a service the hard way

  • Watch the video and learn what we do in a minor hot water service

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Why did the residents at this property call us even though the hot water heater was quite new? It’s simple, once bitten twice shy. They told us that they literally had a hot water system blow up on them prior to this and there’s a part of the old hot water system to remind them. Imagine if you had been near a hot water system when it exploded and injured yourself, or simply had not hot water at the worst of times. The residents at the property today got in touch to have a minor service done to cover all bases ensuring that they will have running hot water during our freezing cold winter.



As you would already know following our videos, all systems are different and we have our main gas and electric systems but the need for maintenance is all the same. In the video today, we perform a minor service on a Rheem Stellar 330 which is a gas storage hot water system. Even though systems are different, check out the video to get an understanding of how these hot water systems work so that you understand more of whats involved in a service or even what to look for if you are looking to service or buy a new system for yourself.



Check out the video as Top dog Richard talks us over what we do in a minor hot water service and shares some interesting information which everyone needs to know as well as shows some of the poor quality work that we see when servicing hot water systems.

Having a once over of the system, some glaringly obvious signs of poor quality work include:

  • Hot water pipes not at the right angle which just shows no pride in their work.
  • Haven’t removed lips off the wall so the old ones are just sticking out there unused.
  • Soak pits are installed but the pipes from the relief valve are not well lined up with the soak pit. It is new regulation that soak pits are required.



This is where it all happens and the brains of the hot water system. Check out the video at [7:36] where Ricard take it out of the hot water heater and explains how it all works.



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