Gas bayonet repairs by Perth’s most dependable gas fitters

During the cooler months, gas bayonets are ideal for connecting up portable gas heaters both inside and outside the home.  Plumbdog’s fully qualified gas fitters are licensed to maintain and repair gas bayonets for both households and businesses, and we can provide prompt service across the whole Perth metro. Whistle and we will come!

Expert bayonet repairs and advice

Plumbdog’s fully qualified gas fitters can repair all types of gas bayonet fittings and hoses, and appliances that use a bayonet connection such as outdoor BBQs.

When repairing a bayonet or any other type of unflued portable gas heater inside your home or office, it is vital that there be sufficient ventilation. In Western Australia, it is now compulsory under the law that the room has both low and high vents for the escape of unburnt gases, and adequate oxygen circulation for complete combustion.

Plumbdog’s licensed gas plumbers and gas fitters are familiar with all types of floor plans and construction codes and can advise on where to best position bayonet heaters in your home or office for maximum safety and warmth.

We recommend that all your gas appliances be serviced every 2 years by Plumbdog’s gas plumbers for maximum performance and safety.

All of our gas fitters are licensed to operate in WA, drive fully stocked service vehicles, and all our jobs are performed to the highest standards of safety. See our service guarantee.

See more information about our standard and after-hours rates. We carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our service vehicles for easy billing.

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Flued vs. unflued heaters

A flued gas heater is designed to be installed in one location and, like a chimney, vents excess combustion emissions outside the home through its flue.

Bayonets are portable unflued heaters, so it’s important that the room is adequately ventilated. Their main advantage is that they can be freely moved around both inside and outside when needed. This makes them a good choice for locations where a flued heater might not be adequate, such as the study, home office, kitchen or play areas.  Please note that in WA, unflued gas heaters are not permitted in bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets or other small rooms.

The BBQ, patio and pool area can also benefit from extra bayonets, helping you and your guests stay warm all year round.

Contact Plumbdog for prompt professional bayonet repairs

Gas heaters are much cheaper to run than electric appliances and are a great way to heat all areas around the home.

Plumbdog’s licensed gas fitters have connected and repaired many bayonets in Perth and can guarantee to arrive on time with all the right tools for the job.  For a free quote, just give us a whistle!