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Back in Black – Changing a Wall Mounted Mixer Tap

  • Updating your wall mounted taps can be challenging as different manufacturers may use different sized parts.
  • Depending on the new tapware chosen, swapping over a wall mounted tap might be possible without getting out the jackhammer!
  • Darius from Plumbdog has some fun completing the final piece to the puzzle, changing the bathtub mixer tap to match the new matte black finish in the rest of the bathroom.
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Changing mixer tapware that is surface mounted is easy to do, but how do you change tapware that’s built into the wall without opening up the wall? In this VLOG Darius shows us some tricks of the trade to make this swap possible.

A quick tour round the ensuite bathroom shows the bathroom getting a little facelift with a new matte black shower head and surface mounted sink mixer tap. These fixtures are relatively easy to change and give the bathroom a modern sleek finish. But when it comes to changing the wall mounted mixer tap for the bathtub, things are a little less straightforward.

The existing chrome wall mounted tap mixer body may not suit the new tapware. To find out, the Plumbdog team will have to dismantle the mixer tap and see if parts can be easily changed over. It’s not always possible to change out old components for new as manufacturers like to change small things to make it nearly impossible…. but when you’re a clever sausage like Darius it can be done.

When dismantling the new mixer tap there is a brass mixer tap body and a cartridge which mates onto the face of the tap body. These pieces fit together and are what create a seal to stop the water flow. In theory, the brass tap body can be discarded as there is already one mounted in the wall from the existing tapware.

When dismantling the existing chrome mixer tap, Plumbdog is extra careful not to damage parts just in case it can be swapped and the old tap needs to be reassembled, but thankfully this is not the case here.

Like poetry in motion, Darius cuts a slightly larger hole in the wall to allow the new square black mixer tap fixing to slide in and screw on to the existing brass plate in the wall.

With a bucket at the ready for any water that wants to drain from the pipes in the wall, Darius continues to assemble the new tap using the cartridge from the old tap as it is the correct size to create the best seal.

Piece by piece the tap is replaced using a little from the old and a little from the new.

With the mixer tap successfully assembled, the final piece to the puzzle is fitting the spout where Darius finds he needs to cut back the wall piece to ensure the spout sits flush against the wall.

Using specialised equipment called a spud or nipple cutter (ouch!), he cuts back the spud by a few threads. This equipment prevents damage to the wall that could occur if using a hacksaw for the job.

Extra care is taken with a drop sheet to protect the bathtub and bathroom floor and to catch any mess.

Always seal around the tap to ensure no water can run back into the wall.
Take care of your fellow plumbers. Greasing the stainless steel grub screw in the tap will help prevent the metals from seizing together, allowing the next person to remove the screw with a little less cursing!

Turn on the water, check for leaks around the mixer tap and check that hot is hot and cold is cold!

Plumbdog take great pride in their knowledge and have specialised equipment to help you achieve the best result, especially when things aren’t as straightforward as you had hoped.

If you’re in the Greater Perth area and want to save yourself from a date with the jackhammer, Plumbdog is your wingman. Give us a call today!
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