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A Day in the Life of Rich the Perth Plumber from Plumbdog

  • We identified a leak losing 1.5 litres of water every minute
  • We saved our customer time and money because we could get the job whole job done
  • We achieved this because of our experience, training and having the best tools for the job
  • This is what we do every day


Today wasn’t really any different to any other day for me, but I did save my Seville Grove (between Canning Vale and Armadale) customer time, money and inconvenience which always makes our job worthwhile.

I was called out to fix a leaking gas hot water system which I completed fairly quickly and easily but when I was commissioning and testing the repair I noticed a running water sound coming from the hot water unit, this usually means trouble in our line of work so performed a water leak detection test on the property water meter and found that 1.5 litres of water was being lost every minute and I needed to get to the root cause of the problem quickly.

In normal circumstances with a regular plumber, he would usually recommend calling out a leak detection specialist and then call in another plumber to fix the leak, costing time, inconvenience and money. But I was like a dog with a bone, I wouldn’t let go of this problem and cause my valued customer further inconvenience so explained the issue to the customer, gave them a super quick price and they agreed to let me repair it right away. Myself and the rest of the team at Plumbdog pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary skillset and our ability to go above and beyond what is usually on offer from other Perth plumbing companies.

What I did – The Process

I know that no one likes reading big blocks of text, so I’ll take you through what I did today regarding the leak in an easy to digest format:

  1. Isolated the cold water inlet for the new hot water system and retested the water meter that was no longer turning. Confirmation that leak was on the hot water line
  2. Walked around the property with our Flir E5 Infra-Red Camera – nothing initially detected
  3. Turned the valve to the hot water system back on again, allowing the hot water to flow through the pipes and out of the tap as well as the leaking pipe which heated the ground around the area allowing me to detect the exact location of the leak with the infrared camera
  4. Proceeded to excavate the sand, found multiple pipes with one pipe spraying hot water from a corroded part. I also noticed a number of DIY attempts at pipe repair which weren’t adequate for this setting
  5. Exposed the leaking pipe and replaced the damaged section with new 15mm copper wipe welding each end
  6. Back to the water meter for another test – confirmed all leaks fixed
  7. Backfilled the area with sand, cleaned up and then completed a Water Corp loss report for the client to receive an adjusted bill in the next cycle

Check out our quick video on the job
Have you seen an infrared camera in action?


So, there you have you have it, a day in the life of Rich the Plumbdog Perth Plumber. Came as a gas fitter to install a hot water system and left having carried out tasks associated with water leak detection specialists, plumbers and gas fitters! How’s that for versatility?

If you are need of any plumbing services, gas plumbing, drainage work or leak detection just give the team at Plumbdog a howl on 1300 884 146 and find out for yourself why we are constantly voted best of breed when it comes to plumbers in Perth.

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