Darius on the job – Blocked Drains, Water Jetters & CCTV

  • We have worked with local Perth manufacturers to develop our high pressure water jetters
  • Our water jetters get through jobs which others say can’t be done
  • Plumbdog are specialists when it comes to blocked drains
  • Check out more of our VLOGs here


Many of our new and regular clients know Darius from Plumbdog Midland. He’s an all around top bloke and everyone knows him. He’s also a really good plumber with some amazing plumbing skills. in this blog, Darius introduces us to why we’re a leg above the rest when it comes to clearing blocked drains.

Our Equipment – High Pressure Water Jetters & CCTV

We have recently updated our vans and have been working with local Perth manufacturers to develop our high pressure water jetters. Our new Vanguard engines produces 31 horsepower delivering 27 litres per minute at 5000 PSI. For those that aren’t familiar with water jetters or understand what this all means, it simply means it’s really powerful and stronger than the usual jetters a normal plumber would use.

Watch the Video

Darius has put together this great clip for us to see the water jetter in action clearing one of the blocked drains on a job that he has done where other plumbers had said that it couldn’t be cleared.

What’s also great with this video is the viewing angle of the CCTV. In most jobs, once the jetter fires up you really can’t see much because the water is splashing everywhere while in action but in this video we get to see the jetter in action.

See if you can catch at the end where he says “aww I ran out of water!”

Using water jetters along with CCTV is a good clean way to clear your drains. Unlike other traditional methods, water jetters do not use harmful chemicals and do not simply just break up what causes the blockage which causes the same problem to reoccur. Along with the water jetter, having a CCTV inspection means the problem is identified and also reconfirms that the problem has been properly rectified.

If you’re in Perth and surrounding areas, give the team at Plumbdog a whistle. We pride ourselves in being the specialists people turn to for blocked drains and we look after the whole job. Our Plumbdogs need to be of a certain pedigree to qualify being called a Plumbdog Plumber.

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