Fixing Broken And Crushed Drain Pipes

  • Blocked Drains – Tree roots don’t just break through and block drains, they can also squash pipes causing blockages
  • Using specialised CCTV and our custom made High Powered Water Jetters, we can clear the blocked drain and clearly identify any potential future plumbing issues
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In this video, our obedient Plumbdog Richard is on an 8-year-old property in South Fremantle, Perth. The property owners have been facing recurrent problems with a blocked toilet ever since they built the property. As the client says that this issue is cyclical, initially, Richard feels that the Air Admittance Valve, installed behind the toilet, is the problem as it might occasionally be letting the air inside the drain.

However, after an inspection, Richard dug behind the toilet, which an inspection opening is legally required for every bathroom. Noticing that water was being held, this indicated that a blockage in the drainage pipe would have been the cause.

Clearing Blocked Drains with High Powered Water Jetter

Using our locally custom made high pressure water jetter, we can clear pipes that others simply say can’t be done. If you’ve seen our other youtube videos, you would have seen how our boys make it look so easy to clear blocked drains.

CCTV Inspection

After clearing the blocked drain, Richard investigates the pipe’s condition using a CCTV drain camera. The opening from where the camera has been installed is almost 6 meters beneath the pipe’s initiation point. As the camera moves inward, notice where the pipe’s lining is ruptured. It looks like this could have been a problem since the house was first built.

As the camera moves further along, the pipe’s shape goes from round to misshaped. This misshape has contracted to the extent that even the tiny camera gear cannot make its way through. After examination our Plumbdog has determined that the pipe runs under a tree, and the tree roots have squished the tube narrow, creating a massive blockage is the way of flush’s inflows.

Cleared Drains & Recommendations

After fixing the problem we don’t just stop there. Having all the gear and every idea, we not only fixed the blocked drain issue in time for a long weekend, we are also able to put together a recommendation and quote to get the problem resolved for the long run. This will stop the need for frequently calling out a plumber when the problem persists which saves time, money and the inconvenience of having to deal with this issue over and over again.

If you are facing problems with blocked drains, then do not wait any longer and give us a whistle immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the situation will get and will burn an even bigger hole in your pocket.

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