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Hot Water Systems – To Service or Replace?

While we know how important it is to have hot water in our homes and offices, the hot water system is often taken for granted or treated as a set and forget item. It’s only when they break down or stop working for whatever reason do we need to take quick action to remedy the situation.

You Don’t Always Have to Simply Replace Your Hot Water System

It seems to be trending now to simply call to get a quote for a replacement where in the past many sought for repairs. In many cases with a little TLC, the hot water system can easily be repaired. This not only has the potential of saving our customers a lot money, replacing a whole unit also means that an old unit needs to be disposed of which for the environmentally conscious knows that not all components are recyclable let alone is there a guarantee that the old system will be disposed of responsibly.

Determining Whether to Service or Replace Your Hot Water System

Eventually all hot water systems will reach the end of a good run but here are some main points and scenarios to consider when determining whether to service or replace your hot water unit.

The Hot Water Isn’t Hot Anymore

Your hot water might be luke warm or water goes hot and cold indicating that the hot water system is on its way out. This is quite a common problem and quite often does not need a full replacement. When this occurs, it could simply be the heating element or a thermostat issue. Either fixing or replacing these components would save the cost of replacing the whole system.

How Old is your Hot Water System?

A hot water system does not need to be replaced just because it’s out of warranty. Hot water systems are a commodity that is made to last even in our modern disposable world. We expect that in general a hot water system should last at least 10 years (for a reputable brand). If your hot water system has reached 20 years then it may be time for a replacement.

The Hot Water System Makes Strange Sounds

If you have noticed some clanging sounds or hissing sounds, it could be the pipes or the hot water system. A common problem when you hear hissing could be a faulty relief valve. Quite often relief valves are not tested regularly and while they can generally last a few years without any issues, if they have discharged there is the potential of debris stopping the valve from fully closing. A repair or service in this instance is a far cheaper option than replacing the whole hot water system.

Other Considerations when Replacing Hot Water Systems

If it is the case that you have to replace or are weighing up whether to fix or replace then there are few more things to consider.


As our building standards have changed over the years, especially in older dwellings, where a hot water system currently sits in your home might no longer be permitted. A plumber or any installer would not be allowed to replace if the location breaches the code which means finding a new location and potentially extra plumbing work required.

Electric, Gas or Solar?

If you are planning on changing from one heating method to another, you may need to consider additional works required. For example, is another power point required which might require electrical work? Does the hot water system fit or will it work where the old unit currently sits? Some systems need to be placed outdoors where some systems also function indoors. For Solar, if you live in a strata property, does installing a solar hot water system on your roof also require strata approval?

Running Costs

There is a benefit of replacing your hot water system. A replacement can mean optimising your running costs. Consider your preferred heating method as well as how much hot water you really need. If you have a small place, you do not necessarily need the largest unit which will cost more to keep running. If you have a family or often have visitors then a small hot water system while cheaper to install might not accommodate your needs causing frustrations when you run out of hot water.

The Importance of a Fully Qualified and Experienced Plumber

In any industry whether it’s for hot water systems, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions and stereos just to name a few, there are many people selling these household items with their technicians ready to install when the item is sold. In our industry we have noticed that many are trained to install a brand new hot water system but may lack the training, skills and experience to repair so when they are called out by a customer it’s really just to consider replacing with a new system.

The trusted team at Plumbdog specialise in both Hot Water System Repairs and Replacements so whether you need some simple repair work, you’re looking for a whole new system or aren’t sure what’s best for your home give us a whistle!


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