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How Not To Repair A Burst Water Pipe

  • This is a perfect example of a job not well done. Watch the video to see how what was a dodgy and probably cheap fix has ended up creating more water leaks.
  • Using illegal and or incorrect parts for the job simply creates more problems in the future and costs the customer more.
  • If this job was done correctly the first time, we wouldn’t have had to sniff out the problem area and fix the problem again.
  • This is why we say we have All The Gear and Every Idea! We get the job done properly to save our customers time and money. 


We were called out to this property because of a water leak.  Our client called in asking for help in fixing a burst water pipe and off Richard goes to their property.  Using our advanced water leak detection equipment to locate where the problem is Richard pinpoints the water leak underneath the concrete steps in the laundry.  He uncovers the area and lo and behold, it showed a badly repaired previous leak!

How to Repair and How NOT to Repair – that is the question

Upon closer inspection, Richard saw that dodgy brothers did some dodgy work on the previous leak.  They used an illegal flexi hose connector, and this had probably caused a secondary leak on the copper tee. The proper way to get this fixed is by using 15mm copper pipes and pull an offset by using tube benders. This way the connection is sturdy and definitely will last longer.  He also replaces a section of the pipes from the copper tee because of the second leak.  Instead of connecting another fitting on the copper tee, the best way is to weld the copper pipes making it look nice and clean. It may seem that we are getting a good deal with these dodgy brothers but in the long run, we are in for a bigger headache because they do not follow the legal and standard requirements when fixing water leaks.

Do it Proper, Do it Copper

We are definitely not the only ones in this business. But we are very proud to say that what sets us apart is the quality of workmanship that we give on every single call may it be a big or small job. We make sure that work is completed with the highest integrity in mind and do not go for shortcuts.  No flexi hoses if the best is to lay out new copper pipes. We want to make sure that our clients get the best and their money’s worth. We know the value of time and we want to make sure that we have all the gear to get the job done quickly, efficiently and get the job done right.

So, if you do not want another headache for your burst water pipes, give us a whistle and we will come!

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