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Is Your Hot Water System Making A Strange Rumbling or Popping Noise?

  • Have you noticed a rumbling or popping noise from your hot water system before?
  • Most people think it’s just a normal sound since the water is boiling
  • Did you know that the quality of your water could be greatly reduced because of your hot water system?


Have You Heard your Hot Water System Making a Popping or Rumbling Noise?

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard your hot water system making some rumbling sounds. There’s probably also a good chance that you didn’t think much about it because that’s what happens when water boils right? If that’s the case then it’s best to read on.

The sound might be caused due to the accumulation of minerals like magnesium in the bottom of the tank. When you use the hot water system or heater for a longer time, the magnesium rod that is present inside the unit starts to degrade due to the hot water. The mineral particles get loose from the rod and get accumulated in the bottom of the bank making the noise and warm air comes out constantly if you want to replace the magnesium rod and reduce the rumbling noise, better to hire the professional plumbers who have years of experience in this field.

Why Hiring Plumber From Plumbdog Plumbing Is The Best Choice?

Professional Perth Plumbers like Plumbdog Plumbing (did you like that tongue twister?) are one of the most trusted and reputed plumbing service providers having an experienced plumbing team using the latest skills and techniques that will help in repairing your hot water systems, block drains, gas plumbing, general plumbing services, water leak detection and more. We like to say that we have “All the Gear and Every Idea!”

Sediment Build-Up Will Affect the Water Heater System

A small amount of build-up wont make any difference. However, a large amount of sediment will surely make the difference to the functioning of a hot water system. A deep layer of sediment accumulated at the bottom of the heater tank can create the following issues-

  1. Slows down the transfer of water causing the water heater to get overheated. The overheating of the system can damage the lining of the hot water system and weaken the steel tank, which will cause further leaking of the tank.
  2. If you are using the electric water heater, the sediment can cover the electric heating rod that causes the rod to burn out later, causing the popping sound.
  3. Too much sediment will displace the water in the tank; it means that you do not have any available hot water in the tank.
  4. Lowering the water heating capacity. Thus it will increase the water heating bills.

These are some of the issues that are caused by the accumulation of sediments in the hot water system. If you notice any one of these above-discussed issues, you can surely hire the expert plumber who will provide the best services to clear the sediment and clear the dirt from the hot water system. If the sediments and mineral accumulation is removed in the right manner, there will be no further sound coming out from the heater.

In the plumbing industry, the rumbling or popping noise is called ‘kettling’ and this indicates that your hot water system needs major service. In this type of scenario, our obedient Plumbdog plumber will visit your location, replace sacrificial anodes and complete a tank flush to remove the anode residues.

In the video, our obedient Plumbdog shows that the magnesium rod present inside the hot water system as the sacrificing rod will slowly degrade and the magnesium gets accumulated in the bottom of the heater. The rod gets replaced, and the hot water system is thoroughly cleaned.

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