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Rebuilding A Drain Inspection Shaft

  • Good Plumbdogs don’t just dig up dirt, we get our paws dirty and fix things back up again
  • Being a plumber isn’t just fixing pipes, we have other tradie skills like concreting too
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In this VLOG, one of our top dogs Darius is on the job where pipes have been damaged from tree roots.

Blocked Drains – Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the common causes for blocked drains. In some instances after the problem area is detected, the problem can be easily fixed but in this instance it’s not as straight forward as blasting some difficult roots with our custom high powered water jetters.

Not all blocked drains are the same. At this location, not only was the pipe broken and needing replacing, Darius has had to break down the concrete driveway to get access to the broken pipe.

If you’ve seen his work before, you know Darius takes pride in his work and does a great job in minimising damage to the property.

More Than Just A Plumber

We pride ourselves in being maintenance plumbing experts and we’re really good at it. On top of that, check out the job that’s done on the driveway. From the start to finish, the breaking down of concrete is done neatly and properly causing minimal damage to keep the properly looking in good condition. After the job is done, another tradie isn’t called in to re-concrete the driveway. Darius has not only re-concreted, he’s done a great job and taken pride in making the driveway look great. This is the standards that we hold to our Plumbdogs.

Another Great VLOG from Darius

In the video in this link, he fixes a burst water pipe inside a brick wall cavity and you will be impressed with how little space he needs to get the job done.

Check out the video here

All The Gear & Every Idea

At Plumbdog, our Perth Plumbers have All The Gear & Every Idea. Our plumbing skills, training and experience coupled with the latest in equipment and technology is why we believe we are the maintenance plumbing specialists that even the professionals turn to.

If you’re in the greater Perth area and your plumbing is letting you down, give us a whistle!

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