Repairing a Burst Water Pipe Inside A Brick Wall Cavity

  • Not all jobs are the same. Some jobs give us some interesting challenges that force us to get creative.
  • At Plumbdog, we look for solutions even when it’s not just about the pipes.
  • In this video, Darius uses a creative way to get the job done well while minimizing damage needed to the property.
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In this job, Darius had a pipe that has failed inside the cavity wall. This not only makes the job interesting, it also means potentially having to cut out a big hole in the wall to work with which would simply make the building look ugly.

While cutting out a big hole would be the easy option for any old plumber to work with, our Old Dogs have some great tricks and want the best outcomes for our loyal customers.

Check out the on the spot tool modification and how easy Darius makes it look. Not only is he working with such a small hole in the wall, he cuts through the pipe, welds it and wraps it up neatly before sealing it all back up.

Imagine if you had a plumber out who insisted on using the good old hacksaw, they would need much more space to get the job done leaving a huge and unsightly patch on the building.

This is just one of the many reasons why we truly believe Plumbdog is the best in the industry. We have all the gear and every idea!

Plumbdog are maintenance plumbing specialists and the experts for leak detection and repairs, blocked drains and hot water service and repairs.

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