Replacing a Section of Burst Pipe In A Wall Cavity

  • Sometimes you can hear water leaking but it’s not easy to detect
  • Poor plumbing work create issues like water leaks which could be avoided
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A short video to share today but a good one to show our viewers and customers the different types of pipes that are used and how or why leaks can happen.

The Problem – A Water Leak

The customer could hear running water but was unable to determine where the problem was.

The problem area was on the cold water main running into the property from the water meter to the house in a cavity that goes up to the roof that connects to all of the fixtures in the house.

The Plumbing Solution

Our Plumbdog fixes the problem by replacing the section of pipe that has burst. We do this with installation of a copper pipe that bypasses the existing PVC pipe that has the leak and Richard also goes to show how he’s connected everything together converting with a profit pipe eliminating the section with a hole in it.

How This Could Have Been Avoided

Believe it or not the problem in its current state could have been avoided. To the naked eye you would say the pipe looks as good as new but there is a split in there where the plumber hasn’t used any fittings and the pressure on the bend has eventually caused the split.

We Have All The Gear And Every Idea!

We always like to say that but we really mean it. Just having the gear doesn’t mean a plumber knows how to use it or have every idea to complete the job well to last. This plumbing problem could have easily been avoided if fittings were used and installed correctly.

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Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date with our latest videos!

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