Water Leak Detection & Repair Demonstrated by Darius

  • On a large property, it can get tricky for the untrained nose to sniff out a water leak. 
  • Check out how Darius with his years of experience and our specialised leak detection equipment finds the leak. 
  • We have all the gear and every idea!
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In today’s VLOG, top dog Darius is on a property whose owner complains of a possible undetectable water leak. Darius uses his specialised water leak detection equipment on the massive driveway and give us a demonstration of how it helps in successfully sniffing out the problem area.

With no clear visible signs of a water leak, having the right gear means Darius is able to easily narrow down the problem area and while not obvious, he then sniffs out the leak and does what our Perth plumbers do best, gets digging.

Findig & Fixing Leaks

We don’t just find the problem, we can fix it too all in one visit. After getting the approval to fix the identified problem, Darius proceeds to fix the issue. With different ways to fix the problem at hand, we know the best way to get the problem fixed to last and Darius explains why.

Using a better adaptor for copper to plastic, some solid welding skills and also working with minimal workspace as you would have seen him done in the past to minimise property damage, our obedient Plumbdog has found and fixed the problem with a long term solution so that this problem doesn’t happen again.

If you suspect a water leak and can’t find the problem then it might be time to give your trusted local plumber a whistle. As you saw in the video this leak would have been at least 5 litres a minute. Imagine your water bill the next time around.

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