What’s The Funniest Thing You Have Found In A Blocked Drain (Volume 2)

Would you believe not long after one of our top dogs Richard posted his first video about funniest thing found in a blocked drain, he got called out to another property that took the doggy treat

  • When you’ve been a Perth Plumber for a while, you never stop getting surprised with what you can find in a blocked drain
  • See how efficient it is using CCTV to inspect problem areas.
  •  We have all the gear and every idea. Can you guess what we found blocking the drain on this job?
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Kitchen & Laundry Plumbing Issues
We were called out to a property in Beeliar, WA on this occasion and with blocked drains being our specialty, we sniffed out immediately that something was a stray.

Water from the kitchen and laundry were backing up immediately and sewerage water was leaking out of the overflow gully at the back of the kitchen window. Where we sniffed that something wasn’t right was that the rest of the house was functioning perfectly normally with water draining without any issues.

All The Gear & Every Idea
At Plumbdog we have all the gear and every idea especially when it comes to blocked drains and here’s why. In the video you’ll see:

  • High Powered Water Jetter – Our water jetters are custom made locally with extra power and if you’ve watched our videos before, you’ll know that we can clear drains with our jetters that others can’t.
  • CCTV Drain Inspections – Using CCTV for inspecting drains is a great way of confirming that the job is complete and done.
  • Plunging – Yes other plumbers plunge as well but do they do it right and then do they go the next step to adequately clean and clear the pathway to really allow all of the debris to clear? Quite often if all you do is plunge, all you do is dislodge the current problem area but push the problem further down the pipe which means the problem comes back down the track.

Hire a Proper Plumber
If simply hired anyone to do the job, they may have stopped at the first few discovered items where this blocked drain issue could have quickly become a recurring problem. As you can see in the video the water starts to go down quite normally after Richard removed some debris blocking the drains. If he didn’t pull out the CCTV, there may have been more down the pipe undetected.

Whistle and We Will Come!
As a household name for plumbing in Perth, we want to get called over and over again by our customers but not for the same problem. That’s why we provide our customers with long term solutions and pride ourselves for having all the gear and every idea. If you’re in the greater Perth area, give us a whistle!

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