Backflow Prevention Device Testing – Annual Test

Backflow Prevention Devices Protect the water source which supplies water to commercial and residential properties These backflow prevention devices need to be installed on commercial and industrial properties and they need to be tested annually A Licensed Plumber that has Backflow Certification needs to perform the test Check out more of our VLOGs & don’t forget to like and subscribe

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How To Find A Hidden Reticulation Solenoid Valve

Sometimes saving a few $$s may end up costing you much more. It often pays for any type of service to call on a real professional to do the job. When it comes to Plumbing in Perth, we have all the gear and every idea! Check out more of our VLOGs & don’t forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube

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[How To] – Locate and Repair a Burst Water Pipe

The smallest of holes in a pipe can cause lots of wasted water which also means money wasted down the drain! Watch how an experienced Perth based Plumbdog Plumber finds and fixes burst water pipes.  He sniffs out the problem on this property before finishing his coffee.  Check out more of our VLOGs & don’t forget to like and subscribe to

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