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If you’re the type of person that thinks, “how hard can it be…” when it comes to installing new appliances, you’re not alone. In fact, we intimately know how many people have this thought because we’re the ones they call when it goes awry! 

Don’t be that dirty dog that breaches the warranty by doing a DIY installation. Talk to your local Plumbdog about installing your new appliances or systems – we’re your plumbing companion and we’ll make sure everything is hooked up and working as it should, without leaving a pawprint on that brand new appliance!



When we come to install your new washing machine, we’ll consider the proximity to taps and getting the right hose fittings and hot water temperature to suit your needs. Plus, most importantly, we’ll make sure drainage is adequate too! If any extra components are needed we can happily arrange to have them ordered and installed, so you’re not spending time going from one supplier to the next. Although, all Plumbdogs keep their service vans fully stocked so there’s a good chance we’ll already have what you need.



Installing an ice-maker requires a fair amount of skill and plumbing know-how - good thing you’ve got us! Plumbdog can install most brands of ice-maker refrigeration units, all the way from small indoor domestic units to large indoor or outdoor commercial systems. We have all the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your ice-maker fridge installation is carried out on schedule with a minimum of fuss. If any additional components are required, we are happy to supply and install them, so you’re not spending time visiting one supplier after another.

Dishwasher Installation


Getting your new dishwasher installed properly can be a real hassle - but not if you call Plumbdog! Our fully qualified plumbers have the knowledge and experience to take care of the entire process, from installing new taps, drains and pipes to working with other tradies for a seamless warranty-approved dishwasher installation from start to finish. Don’t worry about making sure you have the right parts and fittings, we’ll take care of everything - from moving the unit to its new location to supplying the right parts and fixtures from our fully-stocked service vehicles.

Hose Tap Installation


At Plumbdog we service and install all brands of hose taps so you can access water in your outdoor areas anytime. We can provide expert advice for hose tap installation and maintenance, both domestic and commercial. We can also attach hose connection vacuum breakers (HCVB) to your hose tap outlet to protect your main water supply from back-siphonage of non-drinkable water. Backflow risk increases when the tap is used to fill a swimming pool or pond, for garden irrigation or anywhere else where back-pressure from contaminated water can occur. Vacuum breakers are also used for rinse tanks, laboratory sinks and other industrial environments.

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